Chicago Neighborhoods

Maggie Marystone -


Elizabeth Papoose Torres -

I LOVE this…

Irene Lopez -

What about Back of the Yards?

Henry Harriman -

love chicago stuff… where’s albany park? oh they couldn’t find a neat little stereotype.

Alexandria Willis -

Where can I sign up to represent Beverly?

Jacob Gondar -

This is great!

Tony Baumann -

hey that’s me and my boytoy..lmao.

Margaret Birkenmayer -

LOL so accurate!

Jaime Duran -

26th and keeler?

Cassandra Ann Rivera -

Good representation of Chicago as the patchwork quilt it is. I love my city.

Cassandra Ann Rivera -

Check it out folks- awesome photography.

Seamus Boyle -

Just a yuppies point of view of Chicago.

Bob Dalton -

Where the hell is Beverly?

Seamus Boyle -

Don’t let these yuppie wierdos make ur neighborhood bad ur better off, trust me

Megan Boguszko -

Where’s Beverly???

Kev Scott -

portage park?

William Velazquez -

Yes. Finally they got it right.

William Velazquez -

That’s solo crazy! I’ve seen about half these people! From Belmont/Central (my neighborhood) One works at the Chase Bank, At Xsport, At the Driving School, as a bartender at the restaurant, Waiting for the bus, or just relaxing at the neihhborhood corner benches.

Michelle Valensi -

What about Logan Square???

Moises Pavia -

18th Loomis

Hopey Walker -

Where the hell is Woodlawn ??

Gabriela Fernandez -

Jefferson Park?

Myreal Nameis -

where tf bridgeport at??

Rick Karlin -

Lincoln STREET?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Obviously not Chiagoans who put this together!

Jeanne Dougherty -

This is Terrific!!!!! ❤️

Irene Perez -

What about the beautiful and vibrant neighborhods of Albany Park, Mayfair, Old Irving Park, and Jefferson Park. The Brown Line train station on Kimball and Lawrence is a transportation hub for all these neighborhoods is a fabulous place to get a picture of the wonderful people living in this communities have you ever been at the corner of Lawrence and Kimball during rush our?

Vin San -

Hey! Same people for little village and Gold Coast

Oscar Hernandez Santana -

Thanks for the stereotype. Humboldt park!!!!

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Helen Gravedweller -

I love this! <3