Location Map

Tibor Huszar -


Elena Fahmawi -

Chicago Nice city.

Lauren Mercedes Schmidt Garcia -

Love the idea of this; great way to show the wonderfully diverse city of Chicago and its neighborhoods. Little disappointed though, I don’t see Albany Park on here…at least not yet.

Andy Baltazar -


David Bradley -

Grew up in Bronzeville, moved to Gresham in 1967, during the great migration. Not representing either one is a travesty, especially Bronzville. For shame….

Jennifer O'Connell Gaffney -

Clever! I hope this continues. I’d love to see who represents the southwest side (Mt.Greenwood & Beverly). Maybe a few of Chicago’s finest Police Officers and Firefighters.

Ron Aslan -

I guess the photographers couldn’t find Logan Square,Bucktown,Avondale,North Center,Albany Park or North Park. Not enough “diversity” for them?

Heidi Berlin -

Where are the pictures from Beverly/Morgan Park?