Little Village – 26th and Albany

Samuel and Shadow

Isavel and Daniel

Antonio and Roberto

The Sanchez family




Norma and child


The Serrano family



Carlos and Cesar


Ivan, Kevin, and Manny


Xolotl da Toltek -

I grew up in Little Village and despite the bullshit of gangs and despair, I MISS THE SHIT OUT OF IT! California (where I live now) has its Little Villages too and I pray for all the good people who struggle to survive and live with dignity in them. Gangs weren’t always gangs. They actually served a purpose against white hatred and violence in the 40’s and 50’s thus became the Latin Kings and such. Now they have lost all hope and thrive off others weakness. If Little Village is to change for the better, we as a people have to reach out to all the gang leaders in one big summit with all residents present and determine our future. In the past thes efforts have actually railroaded by the CPD themselves. If you have a nice neighborhood, you have nothing left for them to do.

Adrian Torres -

Dam its funny but some of these folks look familar, many look so beat up its crazy how every picture tells a story. Some people never get out of that village and it shows.
27TH and Sawyer here…. A long time ago.

Marco Hernandez -

This sure does describe 26th St. Lots of culture and characters!

Ernesto Pedroza -

What’s up with Betsabe? Put a shirt on Holmes!

Ernesto Pedroza -

What’s up with Betsabe? Put a shirt on Holmes!