• Welcome to I Am Chicago

    A gallery of photographs showing the tremendous richness of the way that Chicagoans present themselves to the public - the faces, bodies, attitudes, clothes, accessories, tools of everyday life that people lug with them - morph wildly from North to South and East to West.

    Our portraits document 30 Chicago corners spanning two years and all seasons. Each neighborhood of Chicago is represented through a careful selection of portraits of its citizens as they passed by our makeshift studio in the course of a single day. To entice Chicagoans to pose for our lens, a professional studio portrait was printed on the spot and given to each participant.


Click on images below to view neighborhood photographs 

Eva Deitch -

Love this! Love my city!

Chris Jansen -

Ah! Very well done.

Lars Sorenson -

Ha! ‘Tis a buck city!

Kelly Ahlfeld -

I love this! Next you should do a south loop one :)

Shauna Flynn -

Love this!

Fernando Topete -

The wicker park one made me cry inside.

Kelly Ahlfeld -

they’re missing a little bit of the demographic on that one but i definitely see people dressing like the pictures lol

Angela Estrella Mejía -

Love it!

Vašek Efraim Müller -

Skvělá práce! krásné:)

Elyse Martin -